Selected Vitae



Hunter College, 1978-80

Boston University, BFA, School of Fine Arts and Applied Arts, 1969



2018     Herron Galleries/Indiana University, Deep in the Shallows, Indianapolis, IN

2013     Stefan Stux Gallery, A Vacation on Mars with God, New York, NY

             Mana Contemporary Art, Giants and Dwarfs, Jersey City, NJ

             Yellowstone Museum of Art, Insomnia, Billings, MT

             Ewing Gallery/University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Giants and Dwarfs, Knoxville,                  TN

2012     Boca Raton Museum of Art, Dance of the Cuckoos, Boca Raton, FL

             Hampden Gallery/UMASS Amherst, American Panopticon, Amherst, MA

2010     Ice Box Gallery, The Reincarnation of Michael Vick (As a Dog), Philadelphia, PA

2009    Lab Gallery for installation and Performance Art, Strangelove, New York, NY

2008    Nicholas Robinson Gallery, Michael Zansky: Western Lands, New York, NY

             Lab Gallery for installation and Performance Art, Washington & End Times, New                  York, NY

2006    Briggs-Robinson Gallery, History as Ruin, New York, NY

             Edsvik Konsthall, American Panopticon, Stockholm Sweden

2005    Gigantic Art Space, American Panopticon, New York, NY

             Gigantic Art Space/ARCO, Black Box, American Panopticon, Madrid, Spain

2003    Briggs-Robinson Gallery, Ten Extra Seconds, New York, NY

2002    Universal Concepts Unlimited, Still in Motion, New York, NY

2000    Universal Concepts Unlimited, In Human Life, New York, NY

1999     Gallery Camino Real, Giants and Dwarfs, Boca Raton, FL

1996     Berry-Hill Galleries, Manifolds, New York, NY

1993     Berry-Hill Galleries, Traces, New York, NY

1991      Berry-Hill Galleries, Recent Work, New York, NY

1990     Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Coral Gables, FL

1988     Dranoff Fine Art, New York, NY

1987     Harm Boukart Gallery, New York, NY

1985     White Columns, New York, NY



2019 Boca Raton Museum of Art, Beyond the Cape! Comics & Contemporary Art,

Boca Raton, FL

2019 Blueríder Art, US 3: Robert Cottingham, Richard Meier, & MIchael Zansky,

Taipei, Taiwan

2018 Michael Steinberg Fine Art, E/AB Fair, New York, NY

2017    Garnerville Arts Center, Transposing Perception, Garnerville, NY

2015    ARStronomy, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain

2014    Art Basel Miami, Mana Monumental, Miami, FL

            808 Gallery, Convergence: Boston University Alumni Exhibition, Boston, MA

            Stefan Stux Gallery, Burning Bright: Tiger, tiger, New York, NY        

2013    Mirus Gallery, Dreamtime: New Surrealism, San Francisco, CA

2012    Mana Contemporary Art, The Originals, Jersey City, NJ

            The Active Space, Quantum Effects, Brooklyn, NY

            Mayson Gallery, Adult Contemporary, New York, NY

2012    Westport Arts Center, Toy Stories, Westport, CT

2011     Able Fine Art NY, Kerosene Garden, New York, NY

            Exit Art, Outer Space, New York, NY

2010    Artjail, Lost Horizon, New York, NY

            SICA, Nature Calls, Long Branch, NJ

            Roger LaPelle Galleries, Portraits: Yuri Makoveychuk & Michael Zansky,                                Philadelphia, PA  

2009   Schmidt Center Gallery/Florida Atlantic University, INT Project, Boca Raton, FL

            The Drawing Center/Governor’s Island, Formative Lines/Working, New York, NY

2008   Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs, Apocalyptic Pop, Long Island City, NY

            Corn Exchange Gallery, Scales, Edinburgh, Scotland

            Sandy Carson Gallery, American Landscape Photography, Denver, CO

            Aldrich Museum, Aldrich Undercover, Ridgefield, CT

            White Box, The Dream of the Chamber Masquerade, New York, NY

            Galeria Janet Kurnatowski, Bóm: How art can disrupt, reorient or destroy,                             Brooklyn, NY

2007   Kasia Kay Art Projects, INT Project, Chicago. IL.

            Museum of New Art, INT Project, Detroit, MI

            Nassau County Museum of Fine Art, Surrealism – Europe and                                                 America: Unconscious Discoveries and Conscious Creations, Roslyn                                     Harbor, NY

            Art Cologne, Sculpture Guild, Cologne, Germany

            Omega Institute, Fear is a Four Letter Word, New York, NY

            Silvermine Guild Arts Center, INT Project, New Canaan, CT

            Luxe Gallery, Nightly News, New York, NY

            Fieldgate Gallery, Latitude, London.

2006   Soo VAC Gallery, Quantum Circus, Minneapolis, MN

            Elizabeth Foundation, Everybody Dance Now, New York, NY

            Silvermine Guild, Waxworks, New Canaan, CT

            Aldrich Museum, Landmine, Ridgefield, CT.

            Michael Steinberg Fine Art, Every Day is Different, New York, NY

            Dam Stuhltrager Gallery, Revisionist History, Brooklyn, NY

            Lower Manhattan Cultural Center, Speed Limit, New York, NY

            Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, Transmutations, Long Branch, NY

            Soap Factory, 8x8x8, Minneapolis, MN

            Lab Gallery, Synthetic Aesthetic, New York, NY

            Edsvik Konsthalles, Time, Stockholm, Sweden

2005   Lab Gallery, Quantum Zoo, New York, NY

            Exit Art, Other America, New York, NY

            University of Pennsylvania, Revolt of the Bees, Philadelphia, PA

2004   Deborah Colton Gallery, Touch and Temperature, Houston, TX

            Rockland Center for the Arts, Digital and Beyond, West Nyack, NY

            Future Perfect, Gifted, Brooklyn, NY

2003   Slought Foundation, Unconventional Three-Dimensional, Philadelphia, PA

            Rockland Center for the Arts, De Jong, Ousler, Zansky: Installations,                                     West Nyack, NY

            White Columns, Mamma’s Boy, New York, NY

            Galerie Lelong, New York, NY

            White Box Gallery, New York, NY

2002   Drawing Center, NY Selections Benefit Show, New York, NY

            Westport Art Center, The Endurance of Art, Westport, CT

            Islip Museum, Body, Art, New York, NY

2001    Norton Museum, Burn, West Palm Beach, FL

            Florida Atlantic University, Natural History, Boca Raton, FL

            Clifford Smith Gallery, Kidsart, Boston, MA

2000   John Michael Kohler Art Center, Blurry Line, Sheboygan, WI

            Universal Concepts Unlimited, Remote Experience Dependency, New York, NY

            Exit Art, Neo, New York, NY

            Exit Art, The End, New York, NY           

1999    Central Fine Arts, Another Planet, New York, NY

            Exit Art, Monumental Drawings, New York, NY

            Cavin-Morris Gallery, Metaforms: Contemporary Choices, New York, NY

1998    Central Fine Arts, Modular Composite, New York, NY

            Aldrich Museum, Pop-Surrealism, Ridgefield, CT

1996    Hunterdon Museum, Tough Art, Clinton, NJ

            Cavin-Morris Gallery, The Widening Gyra , New York, NY

1995    Detursa Galerie, Madrid, Spain

            Cavin-Morris Gallery, Pure, New York, NY

            Boston University Sherman Gallery, Boston, MA

1994    Dranoff Fine Art, Big Ideas, New York, NY

            Rockland Center for the Arts, Masks, West Nyack, NY

1993    Cavin-Morris Gallery, Masks, New York, NY

1990    Berry-Hill Galleries, New York, NY

            White Columns Gallery, Brut 90, New York, NY

            Cavin-Morris Gallery, Inchoate Forces, New York, NY

1989    Cavin-Morris Gallery, The Good and Evil Show, New York, NY

            Salena Gallery, Currents in Abstraction, Long Island University, NY

1988    The Drawing Center, Selections 41, New York, NY

1986    The Mount Aramah Exhibition, The Art of Orange & Rockland, Arden, NY

            Albright Knox Gallery, Buffalo, NY.

            White Columns Gallery, Update 85-86, New York, NY

1980    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, CAPS, Troy, NY

1978    Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York, NY



2014    McCoy, Ann, MICHAEL ZANSKY: A Vacation on Mars with God, The Brooklyn Rail

2013    Weintraub, Mark, The Art of Michael Zansky: Deep in the Shallows of the                             World, Ewing Gallery, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

            Zaza, Tony, Burning Man: The Work of Michael Zansky, NY Arts

2009   Hrbacek, Mary, Apocalyptic Pop: Dorsky Gallery, M Magazine

            Wilson, Michael, Apocalyptic PopTime Out New York

            Goncharov, Kathleen, Apocalyptic Pop, Exhibition Catalog, Dorsky Gallery, NY, NY

2008   Lombardi, D. Dominick, Land of Shadows, NY Arts

            Chambers, Christopher Hart, Michael Zansky, Flash Art

            Goncharov, Kathleen, The Western Lands, Nicholas Robinson Gallery, New York,                 NY, Exhibition Catalog

2007   Lombardi, D. Dominick, Michael Zansky, Sculpture Magazine

            Vail, Amanda, Quantum Circus: The INT Project, NYARTS

            Murphy, Jay, Michael Zansky, Contemporary 21

            Lombardi, D. Dominick, Waxworks, NY Arts

2006   Hough, Jessica, Land Mine, The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art,                                 CT, Exhibition Catalog

            Lombardi, D. Dominick, Artists Curating Artists, DART International

            Vail, Amanda, Seductive, Repulsive: Quantum Circus at SooVAC,

            Kuspit, Donald, Michael Zansky: Bizarre Beauty, Briggs Robinson Gallery, New                     York, NY, Exhibition Catalog

            Koza, Christopher, Quantum Circus,

            Lombardi, D. Dominick, New York Art Scene, & magazine

2004   Glueck Grace, Terrorvision, Exit Art, The New York Times

            Raymond, Jon, Mama's Boy, White Columns, Artforum

            Epstein Edward, Unconventional Three Dimensional, Art Papers

2003   Chambers Christopher, Still in Motion, Universal Concepts, Sculpture Magazine

            Sozanski, Edward, Unconventional Three Dimensional, Philadelphia Inquirer

            McEvilley, Thomas, Ten Extra Seconds, Exhibition Catalog, Briggs Robinson, NY

2002   Faulds, Rod, Natural Histories (Artists Forge in Science and Nature) Catalog

2001    Watson, Neil, Burn (Artists Play with Fire)Norton Museum Publication

            Creps, Bob, Fieldings Dictionary of American Painters

2000   Budzynski, Scott, NEO New Approaches to Artmaking, NY Arts

            Nahas, Dominique; Monumental Drawings, Exit Art, Art on Paper

            Hanks Victoria, Studio Visit, Michael Zansky, NY Arts

            Nahas, Dominique; Monumental Drawings, Exit Art, NY Arts

1999    Bower Bell J., Monumental Drawings, Exit Art, Review Magazine

            Murphy, Jay, Pop Surrealism, World Art

            Murphy, Jay, Pop Goes Surrealism, Art Papers

1998    Meyers, Melissa, New Season in New York, Gannett Newspapers

            Henry, Gerrit, Michael Zansky: Recent Work, Cavin Morris Gallery, NY, Art in                           America

            Nahas, Dominique, Michael Zansky: Recent Work, Cavin Morris Gallery, Review                     Magazine

            Meyers, Melissa, Adding by Subtraction, Gannett Newspapers

1997    Endick, Kenneth, Tough Art, Express Times

            Rig, Victoria, Art As Experience, Hunterdon County Democrat

            Bischoff, Dan, Tough Art, The Star Ledger

            Accola, Kristen, Tough Art, Hunderton Art Museum, Exhibition Catalog

            Michael Zansky, Manifolds, Berry Hill Galleries, Exhibition Catalog

1995    Hurwitz, Sidney, Alumni Drawings, Boston University Art Gallery, Exhibition Catalog

1994    Henry, Gerrit; Zansky, Michael "Traces", Berry Hill Gallery, NY, ART News

1993    Dunning, Jennifer, Philadanco Tease and Payoff, The New York Times

            McEvilley, Thomas, Traces, Exhibition Catalog, Berry Hill Gallery

1990    Raynor, Vivian, The Rockland Connection, The New York Times

            Harris, Ned, The Rockland Connection, Rockland Center for the Arts,Exhibition                     Catalog

1987    Arning, Bill, Michael Zansky: Recent Paintings, Harm Bouckaert Gallery, NY,                           Exhibition Catalog

1986    Arning, Bill, Update 85-86, White Columns, NY, Exhibition Catalog




2006   Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, Intelligent Design Project

1980    C.A.P.S Fellowship/Painting

1978     Fullbright-Hayes Fellowship (Peru)

1978     Louis Comfort Tiffany Award




Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX

Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA

Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY

DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA

Krannert Art Museum, Champaign, IL

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA

Neuberger Museum, Purchase, NY

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY